Books by Ricky Maye

Barefoot ChristianityBarefoot Christianity //  2012 //  8.00 //  Amazon Available for 0.99 Cents Digital download for the kindle // Nook // iTunes // Kobo & more

So what is Barefoot Christianity?Barefoot Christianity is a movement, and we all want to be a part of a movement. We all want to change the world, start revolutions and make an impact. What if the way to do it wasn’t through that kind of movement? What if it was through a simpler kind of movement?

What if to change the world, I didn’t have to swim across the Atlantic, bike down the east coast or climb a mountain?

Maybe it all can start with a single step.

Join the discussion as Ricky takes us through a journey into the heart of what it means to be a Jesus follower. Ricky dives into areas as evangelism, discipleship and personal struggles. Using the word studies we’ve come to expect Ricky Maye will usher in comfort, conviction and ignition to spark your spiritual journey.

An Emerging Spirituality // 2011 // 6.99 // Amazon Available for 0.99 Cents Digital download for the kindle // Nook // iTunes // Kobo
Be prepared for the journey of a lifetime. Your journey. Ricky Maye will take you through a visual and literary discovery of understanding your spiritual journey. In this book Ricky will tackle some major issues dealing with religion and spirituality. In this Book is encouragement, answers but most of all freedom to practice your spirituality on your terms without the smoke and mirrors. Ricky will bring you alongside the spiritual walks of some of the men and women in the Bible and well see that this spirituality is uncomfortable, unpredictable and untamed.
What people are saying about An Emerging Spirituality…
“Ricky Maye re-ignites this all-important conversation in an engaging voice that must be heard and speaks of a God who accepts and embraces everyone, even the ones we love to hate. This is a must-read.” –George Elerick (Author of Jesus Bootlegged)
“If you’re like me, then you’ll find comfort in this book. Ricky understands that the Industrial Era of faith, of time being money, of growth being upward, is false. We are full of doubt, unsure of where we’re going, and Ricky reminds us that that’s the whole damn point.” From the Forward
-Alex Gamble (Author of Leaving Eden)
“In Ricky Maye’s redemptive book, an emerging spirituality is defined as a journey seeking more. Ricky contends that salvation’s greatest value isn’t getting to heaven, but about eternal life right now, where Jesus meets our deepest hearts desires for unconditional love.”
-Joy Wilson (Author of Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling With God)
(c) Ricky Maye

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