New Year REvolution

blog“Your identity is not in who you can be. It is in who you always have been”

-Ricky Maye, The Outsiders

The year is ending.

This year we’ve seen new loves, many losses, and well, I’m sure you at be able to identify with this also, but a whole lot of bad choices.

A New Year’s resolution is often about coming to a determination with our beginning of the year fervency and pronouncements; declaring new hopes for the new year. It’s exciting! A new chance! A fresh start! There is just something about a blank page. You know exactly what I mean.

Some diet, work out, or even stop drinking Starbucks (Those heathens). All this because we seek something to resolve inside us. But life doesn’t resolve. Life revolves. Somehow in all of our existing, we forget to truly be conscious. In all of your living, don’t forget to live.

The myth created in our society is that you’ll magically find yourself one day. The truth is, you never will, and that is glorious news. Each day you get the amazing opportunity to visit the best museum of all, the greatest structure to sight see from, and a chance to see the most brilliant work of art. YOU! No need for a selfie filter or #dontcare hashtag.

This Work of Art info card can’t be in a 12 point font, and written in 30 words of less explaining who all of the Wonder that you are. Each day is an opportunity for new discovery. The joy of life is in the mystery and wonder of daily self discovery.

It’s so easy for us to celebrate all the things that are beyond words. It’s normal for us to embrace discovery and learning of the things of Beauty in all avenues of life. How about embracing the never ending personal discovery in this extravagant person you are?

One thing you can be sure of is that you are anticipated, you are not an accident. Each day you are destined to learn about yourself and teach others a thing or two about who you truly are.

While many will seek to make resolutions that two & three months down the road will be forgotten or lacked. I challenge you to not make a resolution, but a make personal revolution. I challenge you to bring discovery and personal insight into your new year.

Have you ever been disappointed with a new year? I’ve been there, many times with ya. We are not happy with the results of a new year resolution or may not have gotten the answers we’ve wanted.

I think instead of making temporary resolutions this year we can seek to become revolutionary beings in our actions, in our households and in our own personal discovery.

Resolution is about achieving, while revolution is about growing, progressing, and going forward. That is what this New Year can be about. This is your chance to become a better you. Let us press on beyond the past, let us move above the hurt and focus on being better people, to the world and to ourselves.

Revolution isn’t as much about impacting but rather initiating.

I encourage you as this year ends and a new one begins not to seek resolution but to create revolution within yourself. You don’t have to wait for the revolution. You don’t have to wait for that revolutionary. This is isn’t a Marvel Movie, you do not need fireworks and explosions to save yourself.

You are a Revolutionary.


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