Rachel’s storm


This week is the launch of Rachel Held Evans, A year of Biblical Womanhood.

I’ve had to pleasure of being able to speak with Rachel, support her and watch as she has engaged multitudes. Rachel Held Evans has a gift for starting conversations, however messy they may become, they always spark thought and insight.

As Rachel braves storms both literal and religious we can do a few things to help her.

1. The biggest thing you can do for any author is go to a store and buy the book on day one! Store sales will make a difference.

2. Share the book with your friends ( don’t forget to make note of her witty humor.)

3. Review the book. Not just Rachel’s, but any author or book you’ve read. Go to goodreads, Amazon, Etc and leave a review. It supports the author in amazing ways.

In addition to all of those, Rachel will undoubtably receive much backlash and criticism. Speak up for her intent and stand up for the message.

I hope that you support Rachel in her book launch but also the community of authors around her.

See ya


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