Direction is an odd thing. The direction of a situation offers a completely different perspective of a situation.

Chaos and disorder can be on one side of the street. However, across the street can be an entirely dissimilar view of an exactly identical and hectic situation. It’s not a new situation but a new perspective.

I came to this reality in a very personal way while sitting in a group at the home of a friend. Around the circle, we begin discussing dates that meant something personal or special to us. Myself and another in the group had the same date. This date to me offered acceptance and hope; it was a day of love. For him it offered a completely different view, the day was occupied with destruction and heartbreak.

That instance to me was an eye opening moment; I had not previously thought of how two people in similar parts of town could experience two completely different days on the same day.

In one moment Peter a disciple of Jesus hears a voice calling out his name. Water shoving its way into his mouth, rain hitting his head so fierce that he thinks he just might not make it through. Faintly his ears are overcome by the sound of hope calling out his name from inside the boat.

We’ve played over this scenario many times in Christendom; the picture is carved onto Bibles and painted by some of the greatest artist. Some of the greatest sermons and literary works were carved in Christian History by men of God searching into the heart of this passage.

We are always caught into this moment with Peter as he fell into the water fearing for his life, calling out the name of one of his best friends, Jesus.

I know what you’re thinking. This story seems oddly familiar. However despite the over-publicized doubt of Peter I honestly believe that we all have faced this moment; a moment of uncertainty, a moment of doubt or a time when the storm was more powerful than you anticipated.

I think it’s important to note the whereabouts of Jesus during Peter’s life crisis. Jesus is with him. Jesus is in the midst of this storm. The savior is on the water, in a place of exposure and vulnerability. He is there in our mess, in the middle of our storm. His Glory is intercepting our humanity, writing on our heart, “here lies Jesus.”

We can have these moments to experience God’s Glory during these good and amazing moments, but we can also experience God’s Glory on a boat in the middle of a storm. The beautiful revelation we gain is that God is still in the midst of the storm with us.

Is there a better story?

This is incredible. It’s life-changing. It’s mind-boggling. He is right, there; no matter what direction, no matter what perspective.
**An Expert from the upcoming book, Barefoot Christianity


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