Part 1: Doubting

Part 1: Doubting

In John 20:27 we see who is usually dubbed “doubting Thomas” like it’s a bad thing. Among all those who believed Thomas stuck out as the only one who doubted the Lord being risen from the grave after dying on the cross. 

More than 8 days passed and Thomas still didn’t believe, he still had doubts.  (John 20:26) 

His doubt spanned more than a moment, more than a thought. He couldn’t shake the doubt off, nor was he about to blindly believe. 

Tomas is often portrayed as the lower apostle or less than follower of Jesus because he doubted. When in reality it was his doubts that moved him closer to Jesus than anyone of his fellow apostles ever were. 

To doubt is to open the heavens for a celestial boost. To doubt is to admit humanity and depend on divinity. To doubt maybe be human but it will create the most heavenly atmosphere and experience. 

Some of you don’t doubt Jesus, your doubting doctrine. Some of you are doubting the church, it’s leaders or practices. Some of you are doubting because church has become an unsafe place for you. 

Some of you are doubting because you have been told, because of your doubts God can’t be expressed in your life.

I am here to stand with you and say we all have doubts, we all have moments of uncertainty, your joining the likes of Moses, David, Abraham, Peter and more, just as God used their doubt to bring new levels of spirituality, he will use your doubt for good. 

To be continued tomorrow. 
Coming soon this summer. An emerging spirituality by Ricky Maye


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