Second Chance; Divine Glance

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Today I don’t want to talk about a Revolution, or a big miracle Jesus did, I want to talk about a place all of us have been. The bible says this.

“So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water into wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.” John 4:46

Its reasonable to say this man most likely lived in Capernaum, either with his son, or close to.

The comfort we find in this teaching is that nobody gets “near death” over night. So then we begin to speculate why this man wasn’t at Jesus first visit to Galilee when the water was turned into wine.

Was it that this man couldn’t get into the wedding because it was a private affair? I’m sure you’ve been there, people telling you that Jesus doesn’t come to your kind; your look, your gender, your race, your sexual preference, your denomination.

Or maybe he just missed Jesus, maybe he couldn’t get to Galilee in time and he saw the dust of Jesus but not, Jesus. I’ve had those days, I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve just missed it, maybe he’s done here; questions, doubts and uncertainty begin to cloud the mind.

Whatever his reason, we get to be witness to the beauty of a second chance. A moment after the ‘all is lost moment’, a tomorrow after the sh*tty today, a smile after a frown.  We get a glimpse of a Jesus exemplifying a God for us that not only looks back but also makes second visits, and third and fourth. Etc.

I can imagine his friends, “You’re going to miss him man.” “Your wasting all of our time, this time should be spent another way.” “You think he’s going to help you?”

The gospel is our transcript of our personal journey connecting with this uncomprehendable grace.  That day, this man began his journey, searching and chasing a Jesus, he knew little about.

Maybe you’ve been told this Jesus isn’t for your kind of people, I want to tell you this Jesus is for all people. Maybe you’ve been told that the grace of God isn’t for people living like you, I want to tell you, Thank God those people don’t hand out grace.

This Grace is for you, this Jesus is for you, if you hear of a place to find him, chase him.


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