Part 1: Doubting

Part 1: Doubting

In John 20:27 we see who is usually dubbed “doubting Thomas” like it’s a bad thing. Among all those who believed Thomas stuck out as the only one who doubted the Lord being risen from the grave after dying on the cross. 

More than 8 days passed and Thomas still didn’t believe, he still had doubts.  (John 20:26) 

His doubt spanned more than a moment, more than a thought. He couldn’t shake the doubt off, nor was he about to blindly believe. 

Tomas is often portrayed as the lower apostle or less than follower of Jesus because he doubted. When in reality it was his doubts that moved him closer to Jesus than anyone of his fellow apostles ever were. 

To doubt is to open the heavens for a celestial boost. To doubt is to admit humanity and depend on divinity. To doubt maybe be human but it will create the most heavenly atmosphere and experience. 

Some of you don’t doubt Jesus, your doubting doctrine. Some of you are doubting the church, it’s leaders or practices. Some of you are doubting because church has become an unsafe place for you. 

Some of you are doubting because you have been told, because of your doubts God can’t be expressed in your life.

I am here to stand with you and say we all have doubts, we all have moments of uncertainty, your joining the likes of Moses, David, Abraham, Peter and more, just as God used their doubt to bring new levels of spirituality, he will use your doubt for good. 

To be continued tomorrow. 
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Second Chance; Divine Glance

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Today I don’t want to talk about a Revolution, or a big miracle Jesus did, I want to talk about a place all of us have been. The bible says this.

“So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water into wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.” John 4:46

Its reasonable to say this man most likely lived in Capernaum, either with his son, or close to.

The comfort we find in this teaching is that nobody gets “near death” over night. So then we begin to speculate why this man wasn’t at Jesus first visit to Galilee when the water was turned into wine.

Was it that this man couldn’t get into the wedding because it was a private affair? I’m sure you’ve been there, people telling you that Jesus doesn’t come to your kind; your look, your gender, your race, your sexual preference, your denomination.

Or maybe he just missed Jesus, maybe he couldn’t get to Galilee in time and he saw the dust of Jesus but not, Jesus. I’ve had those days, I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve just missed it, maybe he’s done here; questions, doubts and uncertainty begin to cloud the mind.

Whatever his reason, we get to be witness to the beauty of a second chance. A moment after the ‘all is lost moment’, a tomorrow after the sh*tty today, a smile after a frown.  We get a glimpse of a Jesus exemplifying a God for us that not only looks back but also makes second visits, and third and fourth. Etc.

I can imagine his friends, “You’re going to miss him man.” “Your wasting all of our time, this time should be spent another way.” “You think he’s going to help you?”

The gospel is our transcript of our personal journey connecting with this uncomprehendable grace.  That day, this man began his journey, searching and chasing a Jesus, he knew little about.

Maybe you’ve been told this Jesus isn’t for your kind of people, I want to tell you this Jesus is for all people. Maybe you’ve been told that the grace of God isn’t for people living like you, I want to tell you, Thank God those people don’t hand out grace.

This Grace is for you, this Jesus is for you, if you hear of a place to find him, chase him.

“Those Men”

“Those” Men

Sometimes we love to play the victim. I’ve been hurt by life many times. I have also been hurt by the Christian community many more times. It’s easy for us to point fingers and think we are the ones who are right. But when playing the victim we can also hurt too, we can also judge too, we may be fighting fire with fire.

We look down at those men; The men who condemned that woman caught in adultery. We all seem to think, “I would have never picked up that stone in the first place.”

The reality is.. We are picking up our stones, every time we retaliate, every time we argue, every disagreement.

But just as we need to become real and say, we have all been there, and we are all still dealing with stuff, we need to humble ourselves and say, I’ve picked up a few stones in my day, maybe even today.

The beauty of this Passage is that this women was wrong, she was a whore, she was breaking the law, but more notable is the response of Jesus to, “Put down our Stones.” He says even though she’s not living right, put them down, even though she’s wrong in her belief, put them down, even though you can fight with your theology, PUT THEM DOWN.

When talking about our hurt from the Christian community, and expressing our views towards different beliefs, we must make it our main priority to not throw stones, but to stoop down just Jesus did and sit with each other in our messes, our failures and sins, together.

My intention has never been to point fingers but to discuss. Throwing a stone hurts, if you don’t get the metaphor, here; judgment by you and me, never wins. It’s not our job, it’s not our responsibility, and it is not our place. If Jesus didn’t judge that woman then we sure as hell can’t.

Be careful to Defend rationally.

Discuss peacefully.

Put your stones down, stop looking for a fight. It may not seem like it sometimes, but we are all on the same team.

Let’s come to the point where we can open up and say I’ve judged I’ve hurt and I may have spoken negatively to someone…

I may have thrown a couple…

But Today I’m putting my stones away

I hope you can put your stones down too.

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