An Emerging Spirituality

I’ve had some questions about my New book An Emerging Spirituality which will be due out somewhere during or after the summer; mostly about the content and if it will have my “relevant revelations” in there that people have gotton used to. First off, this will be a full length book, I’m putting alot more work and time into this book, I’ve got alot of people working on designs and layouts for it.

In the book I will have chapter specific topics that I delve into and try and bring a new light, but not a new doctrine, some chapter subjects include, salvation, heaven, hell, the christian life, doubt, discussion and many more.

Again as with most of my writtings (with exception of REthink Christianity) I will be using biblical imagery and trying to bring a new focus on an old scripture. One of the beautiful things about the Bible is that it is a living book, it can speak to you today, and my goal is always to find out what the bible is saying at this moment to us. So I will be taking scriptures and shedding light on some insperational points that havent been heard about those scriptures before.

Over the past century we have begun to use the term personal relationship to describe our new life with Christ. Though some insist This is a new term, it is not. The idea had been around since the very days of Christ and the term can be traced back to some early church fathers writings.

I propose that this relationship that God has with us is three-fold.

I propose that this relationship with God is ongoing; meaning, no specific start point and no end.

I propose that this relationship with God is emerging, Changing, growing and always evolving.

I propose that this relationship with God is personal, specific, distinct and most of all unpredictable, undefinable and unfathomable.

When we begin to establish guidelines to a relationship between two people we not only limit the relationship, we take the personal and distinct experiences that may illuminate while in this relationship and fall blind to the uniqueness that attracts and causes us to love one another. Most denominations (not limited to Christian), sects and groups have placed definitions on words and experiences central to the Christian faith almost as a quick reference to God flash cards.

My intention is not to debunk this idea, however I think as much good there is in it, it also becomes dangerous. There is a benefit to put in to lay person terms some of the Christianese terms we throw around. However with new believers classes required for new members in major denominations, the experiences central to our faith are being generalized and predicted as if God has no personal relationship but a standardized prearranged relationship with his creation.

The past Month yeilded no love among some christian communities; controversy surrounding the new Rob Bell book Love Wins and the new Brian Mclaren book Naked Spirituality, I wasn’t suprised, but a little let down with the lack of discussion. My new book An Emerging Spirituality will be a conversation book, with questions and answers about real issues that need to be discussed.

This Beautiful Place

We all have reasons to give up, life tends to seem unbearable at times. Purpose and fulfillment have those moments where they seem scarcely unattainable. We all have those moments when we just want to walk away from everything. Jesus is our prime example and on occasions we see him walking away from his current place to “run off” to focus on another thing. If Jesus who has moments where he says, “let this go on without me,” we surely can expect to feel the same way.

We live in a world where we are encouraged to partake in meaningless activities, download pointless apps and take part in conversation that is headed nowhere, so our mind gets swayed from making a lasting impact on the world. We tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we forget that there is meaning to this all.

The thing I find fascinating about the Bible is its ability to speak to a person very specifically through an event that isn’t a mass miracle, or a something that impacts the entire world, but it’s message is about a life changing moment with one person encountering God in a unique and distinct way.

Peter and John are walking up to King Herod’s Temple, they came up near the eastern gate and saw a man, in the dirt sitting, begging for alms (Acts 3). This Man who is a beggar, homeless, abandoned, thought less of, and just beaten down by life, but his destiny in God was to sit at this Gate called beautiful?

Have you ever felt like your current situation is nowhere near what God has called you to live in, but still you’re in the right place? You’re in an ugly circumstance, but a beautiful destiny is approaching.

The word beautiful used there in the Greek is ho-rah’-yos, it means something becoming beautiful, belonging to the right moment and flourishing, scholars tell us it alludes to the growth of a flower.

This man sat at this destination for years, I can empathize with the way he must have felt; he must have felt like walking away, or even ending it all, he was probably spit on, cursed at and treated like the dirt he sat on. No one knew this man, they knew him as the beggar, the lame man. Have you ever been categorized by your faults or shortcomings? Are you the druggie, the girl who had the baby too early, the dropout…

I can hear the irony in this when this man would cry out to God and say, “God take me to a beautiful place, this can’t be where you want me.” And God says, “ No, this is right where I want you.”

In my book The Simplicity of Your Destiny I end this chapter by saying, “Don’t ever forget you are beautiful, although your life, your past and your present situation may be ugly. You are beautiful, you are on beautiful ground. Every crack and crevice of life has beauty to baste in its wisdom. Lets explore the beauty of this life together.”