Bootlegged Jesus, George Elerick

Very rarely do I advertise another Author’s book, or do I feel the need to tell others to buy a book. In his newest work Bootlegged Jesus, George Elerick has crafted what is soon to be a haven for those unsatisfied with Christianity, George points to the misfits and second class citizens Jesus chose to have build and finance his kingdom mission. George Elerick provides an intellectual and articulate foundation for a change in our emerging society. I think that everyone young, old, Christian, emerging will benefit and find gems of knowledge in this book. Articles from George can be found all over the internet as he is a featured contributor in many Christian magazines, websites and online blogs; he probes for discussion and acceptance rather than a voided truth and exclusive gospel.

I will probably site some of his quotes and points later, but words could not express the discussion he begins in this book.

You can buy the book at


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