REbellion? Or a REstart for everyone

New is scary, isn’t it? Our country history paints a vivid picture of this. If someone brings something new to us we call them a rebel.

Jesus did not come to start a new religion. Jesus did not come to establish rules or doctrine. The mindset of Jesus was not to start Judaism 102, Christianity 101 or introduction to Catholicism. In the same sense with balance we must see that Jesus did not come with hammers to tear down the religious systems around him. He took to the streets with truth. Yes there is a truth. A truth surpassing baptism in water or not. A truth beyond free will or predestination. A truth more important than tongues, worship or denominations.

I want to begin to take a look at what I call an evolving spirituality, or our emerging lifestyle. Let us be clear right now, Jesus did not come to bring rules, condemnation or a religious system to the world and we will go deeper in that later in the book. He came to bring a truth. He did not come to hang hurting men and women like you and me on a cross, he came to help us with our hurt and pain, not to condemn us and put us to death.
Jesus was a bringing a staple for us to become not a doctrine for us to teach and shut people out with. So then we can see Jesus as a model rather than a figure, we can see Jesus as person who cares for us rather than an unattainable God.

Jesus came into contact with many people and each encounter was not guided by a predetermined doctrine or approved outline. He was moved and swayed by the person and their circumstance. Most times we don’t find Jesus preaching to someone he takes care of their needs.
Jesus came into contact with a woman who the bible says she could not “look up” the Greek accurately translates this as she could not look ahead. Jesus was dealing with a woman who had more than a physical ailment he was dealing with a women who could look forward in life. She was so beat down by life, the system, and the physical pain she was dealt that she could not see a life otherwise; there was abright side for her to look.


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