“Life is more.” REcapping a moment of wisdom from Jesus

In the book of John Jesus says this phrase, “I have come that you may have life, and more abundantly.” The word abundant in Greek is “per-ee” and accurately translates to exceed, the mind goes to wander and ask, “to exceed what about life?” money? Happiness? No, that life itself would exceed your thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Jesus began to teach his disciples and while understanding their worries about food and shelter and the culture around them and he said just don’t think too much into it…”Life is more.” This phrase resonates in me and I hear Jesus because he is speaking to me, life is more than food, more than money, more than clothes, there is a substance in this life we are obtaining that is more. All I hear from Jesus at this moment is “life is more.”

I hear the church today arguing and debating doctrine and the words of Jesus and I only hear Jesus saying I understand your divorce rates, but there is so much more, I understand the sexuality of this man or women but there is more out there. We tend to get up in the politics and paper of church we forget that life is about more. Church is about more.

Life is more than _____ fill in the blank.


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