A REminder of a new Thanksgiving

This season of thanksgiving is often overshadowed by a violent history, or the biggest shopping day of the year, or an overcooked turkey. I want to take this time not to ask you what your thankful for but what tangible and intangible product are you giving to someone else. How are you being used as a tool to help someone give thanks? The Hebrew word for Thankful is Yadah, it literally means to use your hands. It gives the illusion of throwing something back. Today shouldn’t just be a day for you to be thankful for the blessings you have, but the blessing you can be to someone else. So instead of me rambling, I’ll leave you with a charge to help, encourage, and give.

RE-Defining Christianity

As a preposition RE stays at the forefront of our conversations; but in our language RE takes on a new but misleading definition, “to take back, or go back.” RE takes on a persona of erasing something previously stated. However RE is defined to go deeper, and learn more about; with focus on the new but not forgetting but perhaps building on previous statements.

The stigma we experience in our culture is that when you tend to redefine, or reexamine something, it must be broken. Nonetheless this is not always the case. Sometimes its about stopping everything and saying we need to reexamine this and make sure this is right at this moment.


If growth is incurring change is expected. Let me give you a few examples. If a young couple buy a home when they get married, they are fairly young and just starting out in life, fast forward five years they both own their own business; he a contracting firm, and she a painting business out of the house. Growth is being experienced now the life around them needs to show that. They add on two additions to their home, two separate offices, why, was the house not good enough for them? No, they needed to expand to continue growing. Life was moving and they needed to catch up.

Life is moving and we would be ignorant to just stand still rather than move with it. Rebuilding on the concepts and teachings of Christianity is not a way of saying someone is wrong, rather it’s about those who need to hear this “good news” we need to gain back relevancy and understanding.

Time doesn’t stand still

The bible and every message conveyed from each author’s point of view reflected his culture, upbringing, and we take into consideration whom it was written about.

For some reason, I would call stubborn many of those who lead churches don’t want to say that some of the Old Testament laws and rituals were meant for a certain people in a certain place of time, because they can use some little point of text to enforce some of their beliefs. Oddly enough this is what many did to defend slavery not to many years ago.

Today we face the same dilemma; if we do not look at the bible in its historical and cultural context we will see a hundred thousand more denominations and divisions. We can stand today and look at the cultural similarities and find the absolutes and run with that. Hint, ninety nine percent of the time its love.

“Life is more.” REcapping a moment of wisdom from Jesus

In the book of John Jesus says this phrase, “I have come that you may have life, and more abundantly.” The word abundant in Greek is “per-ee” and accurately translates to exceed, the mind goes to wander and ask, “to exceed what about life?” money? Happiness? No, that life itself would exceed your thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Jesus began to teach his disciples and while understanding their worries about food and shelter and the culture around them and he said just don’t think too much into it…”Life is more.” This phrase resonates in me and I hear Jesus because he is speaking to me, life is more than food, more than money, more than clothes, there is a substance in this life we are obtaining that is more. All I hear from Jesus at this moment is “life is more.”

I hear the church today arguing and debating doctrine and the words of Jesus and I only hear Jesus saying I understand your divorce rates, but there is so much more, I understand the sexuality of this man or women but there is more out there. We tend to get up in the politics and paper of church we forget that life is about more. Church is about more.

Life is more than _____ fill in the blank.

look at the new book cover

I wasnt planning on putting out a new book for a while but this one has been coming together by itself and here is the first draft of the cover I’m working on. I’m getting more excited and revived about this book. Feel free to check my website for updates and a free preview of this book and my first in the download section! free tell your friends!

REbellion? Or a REstart for everyone

New is scary, isn’t it? Our country history paints a vivid picture of this. If someone brings something new to us we call them a rebel.

Jesus did not come to start a new religion. Jesus did not come to establish rules or doctrine. The mindset of Jesus was not to start Judaism 102, Christianity 101 or introduction to Catholicism. In the same sense with balance we must see that Jesus did not come with hammers to tear down the religious systems around him. He took to the streets with truth. Yes there is a truth. A truth surpassing baptism in water or not. A truth beyond free will or predestination. A truth more important than tongues, worship or denominations.

I want to begin to take a look at what I call an evolving spirituality, or our emerging lifestyle. Let us be clear right now, Jesus did not come to bring rules, condemnation or a religious system to the world and we will go deeper in that later in the book. He came to bring a truth. He did not come to hang hurting men and women like you and me on a cross, he came to help us with our hurt and pain, not to condemn us and put us to death.
Jesus was a bringing a staple for us to become not a doctrine for us to teach and shut people out with. So then we can see Jesus as a model rather than a figure, we can see Jesus as person who cares for us rather than an unattainable God.

Jesus came into contact with many people and each encounter was not guided by a predetermined doctrine or approved outline. He was moved and swayed by the person and their circumstance. Most times we don’t find Jesus preaching to someone he takes care of their needs.
Jesus came into contact with a woman who the bible says she could not “look up” the Greek accurately translates this as she could not look ahead. Jesus was dealing with a woman who had more than a physical ailment he was dealing with a women who could look forward in life. She was so beat down by life, the system, and the physical pain she was dealt that she could not see a life otherwise; there was abright side for her to look.