You are Here

The third chapter I’d like to share is titled “you are here.” the chapter begins with the illusion of me standing in a crowded mall on the move but me, lost and at a stand still. I had no idea where I was at.

“The disciples of Jesus had an identity crisis, they had issues discerning between the scribes, rabbi and those who had a high standing and where they were at.

Jesus began to explain to them that the kingdom of God is full of people who are like mustard seeds. The Greek word used there for mustard seed is sin’-ap-ee, it litterally means some that has been hurt.

This is a new revelation for us and the disciples alike. The kingdom isn’t full of perfect people or angelic host. The kingdom is full of hurt people dealing with real issues.”

Later in the book well talk about the roots of the word “go” which shows the evagelistic roots of the early church and we take a deeper look into the state of mind of Adam during the fall.


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