Life is.

“The simplicity of your destiny is that the starting line begins wherever you decide, and the finish line ends wherever you can make it to.”

The boundaries and confides of life are stretched between your wants and cans.

The world began with an undistinguishable wasteland of voided emptiness. When God began to shape and create the world, he started to assign and distinguish this expanse that existed.

The scriptures use the word, “divided” which comes from the Hebrew word, badal which means to distinguish with a purposeful intent.

Nothing was thrown together here, what we begin to see is a very hands on approach to setting out goals and establishing boundaries for the world.

What we see in this creation poem is a God giving specific rules of living for the water, grass, and animals, but we see man taking on that place and becoming the ruler of that world around him. Later well talk about that word “ruler” and that role that Adam was given.

I think this is an “awe” moment to understand the simplicity of life. I’ve been to many classes on business management and restaurant management and this is what they teach you. Assigning duties creating purposeful interactions; God didn’t want the world continuing in the violent wasting decaying life it was, he imagined not a perfect world, but a purposed world.

As humans we have a set life ahead of us we know the majority of us will live “mediocre” lives and the majority will live in poverty, not a scarce poverty we’ve seen in some western countries but a similar poverty that 75% of Americans face every day.

You and I are endowded with meaning an purposed intent. Let us use it


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