When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them…”

Most of us have such a simple concept of this. However there us more to this word “Go” than just a movement or an action.

Its more than going from person to person teaching them, and baptizing.

However a quick interesting little nugget on this scripture is the Greek word used for the word “Go.”

The Greek word for “Go” is poreuomai it means to travel and kill and make things alive.

So when we reach out to people in our lives. We need to teach them something may have to die in their daily life.

Part of this commission that Jesus gave us was to go and travel and kill things in people’s lives that are killing them, and bring life to them.

Don’t Forget

Do you ever just wish you can go back?

Go back to a time that was easier.

As I often say we in this miracle craving generation tend to look at the miraculous rather than the atmosphere that creates the move.

God on many occasions made sure to remind the Israelites not forget the things had seen, and that would cause them to move on into better things.

What caused you to be more focused?

To be more spiritual?

To have Hope?

What began your desire, what kept the fire growing?

Don’t forget the little things God used in your life to bring you to where you are now.

God Brought Moses to Horeb to bring him in the Cleft of the Rock.

God couldn’t show Moses the whole Picture of his life, but God told him he could see his “back parts” the Hebrew is Awk-hore and it means the time to come, or hereafter. 

Sometime our memories of the past are the only thing giving us hope.

God wants you to move on and keep hoping in the future. Ask God to show you what will be to come in your life.

.*Scripture Reference-Duet-4-9, Ex-33-20*